Experienced & qualified interior maintenance 

 – serving the aviation industry since 1966

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We support small & large airlines and MRO’s with a wide range of cabin support; from refurbishment services in our work shop to inspections, rectifications, carpet replacements performed on wing.



A selection of services performed at customer’s location, around the clock.

  • Cabin interior maintenance: inspections & rectifications of cabin items
  • Carpet replacements, from single pieces to complete shipset. Work can be performed without removal of seats
  • Carpet cleaning/spot cleaning of carpets
  • Replacement of seat covers, backs and pockets
  • Repair/replacement of galley carpets
  • Repair/replacement of decorative laminate
  • Repair/replacement of plastic parts on bins, walls and sidewall panels


Shop work

Performed in our modern facility conveniently located at Arlanda Airport. 

  • Seat overhaul
  • Curtains; repair and manufacture
  • Cleaning of seat belts
  • Seat covers: repair & manufacture
  • Dry cleaning of covers, curtains and other textiles
  • Repair of overhead bins
  • Replacement of laminate on bins, doors, walls, panels
  • Carpet manufacturing - with Form1 or Certificate of Conformity


Dry cleaning 

Environmentally approved services conveniently located at airside Arlanda Airport.

Available around the clock.

  • Aircraft textiles; covers, curtains
  • Work clothes
  • Other textiles 



  • Sourcing of spare parts
  • Stock management and/or storage of parts
  • Development of interior maintenance services/packages
  • Refurbishment services