Experienced & qualified interior maintenance 

– serving the aviation industry since 1966

Experienced & qualified interior maintenance 

– serving the aviation industry since 1966


Quality is a natural part of all processes within SCI. Both as an EASA-approved organization and being a company

operating in Sweden and the country’s strict employment- and environmental legislation.


SCI’s staff policy stands for a desire to continually develop the company and its employees.  Thanks to our dedicated and

experienced staff are we able to deliver consistency and high-end executed services to our customers.


SCI is a member of SFB, Swedish Aviation Group (Svenska Flygbranschen) and has a collective agreement with union organization Swedish Transport Workers Union (Svenska Transportarbetarförbundet avd. 46) safeguarding the terms and conditions for the employees, their duties and the duties of the company.


Except providing expert support on employment law, collective bargaining agreement negotiations and occupational health safety issues, SFB also comment on parliamentary inquiries and influence policy makers and the debate about the aviation industry and support improved conditions for the business climate as a member of the Confederation of Sweden.




SCI is committed to conduct all processes related to its business in an environmental responsible manner. As all companies operating in Sweden, SCI comply with the strict environmental laws of the country, as well as with Swedavia, owner and operator Arlanda Airport who continually strive to mitigate the negative environmental impact of their airports and their operations.  Swedavia is climate certified at the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Programme, confirming the exceptional work Swedavia devotes to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions pays off. Being a climate certified airport with the highest level of ACA also means that Swedavia has standards for all organizations on the airports including tenants as SCI. SCIs environmental work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Minimizing waste.
  • Utilize recycled and environmentally friendly materials as much as possible
  • Reducing or eliminating the release of any elements that adversely affect the environment.
  • Environmental protection consideration and environmental awareness is a standing issue on staff meetings and integrated into staff training.
  • Environmental risks of operations are assessed and managed in a systematic way.
  • Comply with authorities and environmental regulatory legislations
  • Integrated all standards stated by Swedavia on environment and sustainable use of resources in its processes.