We support small & large airlines and MRO’s with a wide range of cabin support; from refurbishment services in our work shop to inspections, rectifications, carpet replacements performed on wing.

SCI Cabin Interiors has a long and solid experience of cabin interior maintenance on-wing, both line maintenance and base.  From inspection and rectification of seats, galleys, bins, laminates, carpet cleaning, SB’s, reconditioning of leather seat covers to cabin modifications with installations and/or pitching of seats, to give a few examples. Carpets, including under seat, can be replaced on an over-night stop without removal of seats.

SCI has been an EASA-approved workshop since 2002, one of the first specializing in cabin interior maintenance. We offer comprehensive seat overhaul with extensive experience of various manufacturers (Recaro, Sicma, Haeco, Weber, Zodiac, Tompson etc), SB’s,  repair of cabin components and galley units, repair of seat covers and curtains, dry cleaning of curtains and seat covers, cutting and overlocking of carpets.

The latest addition to SCI’s service portfolio is the establishment laundry facility in its workshop at Arlanda Airport. Seat covers, curtains and other airline textiles are cleaned and delivered on short turn-around. The machinery is modern and environmentally friendly with low energy- and water consumption and the dry cleaning solvent is recycled to almost.. 99,50 %. The convenient location at the airport enables not only short delivery times but also low emissions with the limited transportation distances.

SCI support with sourcing of parts and components. We develop and/or execute cabin interior maintenance programs based on customers desired cabin standard to long term predictable costs. With its long experience in the aviation industry, SCI has established a wide network of suppliers, manufacturers and NP’s.